Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mistakes & choices

Well, since I can't do much reading because of my retinal repair & my sewing machine is being fixed in Honolulu, I found out that I am allowed to sew. So it's been hand sewing for the past week.

I have this overlapping quadrilaterals idea that I've been brewing for a while.

It started out looking like this:

This got sewed down and excess fabric behind was excised so I wouldn't have too many layers to quilt through.

Something was missing. So I added a bit.

Oh yes, you can see green patches & a deep red rectangle pinned in. I decided it 'worked'. Sometimes I don't really know why, but I go with what I think & see.  At this stage you can see frayed edges of the patches.

Since I have no machine I'm going to appliqué all the shapes down. The sharpness of the corners disappears when I do that. Other wobbles happen too. Life happens. 

It's almost quilted pretty tightly so there is lots of ripple texture which is dreamy to touch. However there is an oops where the red rectangle was placed on the black square.

Where the big stitches are is a split with stuff showing I don't want anyone to see.
I don't like to backtrack so I decided I would test out a few patches to see which one worked best. The quilt got put up on my mirror with scotch tape and photos were taken to audition patches for the role!

Black patch.

Yellow patch.

White patch.

Different black patch.

There were 4 other patches that were disqualified right away. And of the four semi finalists: I think
* the first one is too dark. 
* the yellow patch brought the tan squares more to life. 
* the white one is the same pattern as the black square underneath, so that that might work.
* the last one is the same fabric as the other black rectangle, but I kinda think, so what?

Now I'll ask George. He's good at stuff like this. I want to see if he sees these choices as I do.

We agree. I'm not surprised. The yellow patch wins. 

That's it for today.

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