Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Thank goodness!!  I'm cleared for reading! What a relief. I was so afraid that I had blown the laser repair & had not been strict enough with myself on my eye-activities to keep my laser 'stitches' stitched down.
I was afraid I was in for a big scolding, or self- scolding.

My sewing machine is repaired & about to be FedExed back to me. It will feel good to get back to other sewing projects. I will finish the totally-by-hand quilt very soon, so good timing. 

I am glad the being-held-back period is over.
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One of the Maui pleasures is feasting on Aloha Shirts.
This is a new theme. Since a brake for great textiles this is a natural collection. Here are some of my best Aloha Shirts so far:

I had just made Sal & Jobst say,"We've decided to sell our Maui property."

Well, that goes to show you that as usual, Life Happens. We are free to change our minds, situations change, and sometimes we suddenly Just Don't Feel Like It.

That's it for now.

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  1. SAL & JoBST aren't selling their place. That photo was taken two years ago!!