Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Leg of Trip East

Driving to N'yOrlins we went along the coast for much of the way. We got to see mile after miles of lots with large live oak trees with missing grand mansions, thanks to Katrina.

What's being built now are stilt houses, not anything as pretty. 
And lots of lots are for sale.

So there were 6 of us hanging out for meals together: Fred & Marion, Beth & Don, & George & I

The food was fabulous. Beth chose our wine. We also 'drank well'.

I fell in love with the look of New Orleans. I took lots of building photos for colors, shapes, shadows & lines. It felt quite European to me in lots of ways. Of course, the scale did it!

                    There were some great numbers to see too.

This was my favorite.

But these were pretty nice too.

Favorite shadows:

Favorite sign:

Favorite new word:

The 'disease' is the irrepressible desire to be free.

New architectural knowledge: the look of slave quarters-- these half-houses, very narrow.  In the early days New Orleans had many free people of color, though gradually, before & after the Civil War, Jim Crow asserted itself.

This was my favorite kinetic sculpture playing on the fleur de lis which is everywhere!

Thanks for the great company, great food & wine & beauty
& to Joslyn who helped me recast the look of my blog!

That's it for now.

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