Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilting: by machine or by hand?

Last March I machine quilted a piece in Maui. 
I didn't like the results.

Too uneven, too many unwanted wrinkles, my inner critic said.
SO, as I had wondered about tearing the stitches out & hand-quilting the piece, I decided to embark on answering that wonder.

It takes a while to pick out machine stitching. A seam-ripper is the tool & you have to be really careful not to cut the fabric, just the threads.

I decided to use the sewing lines I had made.
The little holes in the fabric were still visible.
That made it pretty easy.

I really like the difference!! 
Hand quilting is less linear & more dotty looking. And softer.
I was using electric light for these, not flash.
You can tell the light is on the left.... oh well....

Anyway, now I'm wondering about this one. 
Will I'll re-do it?

partly quilted


Opinions welcomed.
That's all for now. 
Happy New Year!

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