Sunday, December 23, 2012

One Day Past Solstice

This blog & the next will be about process: making a quilt.
I've taken to making a photographic record of the evolution of the concept and the closing in on the final design.
I give credit to Nancy Crow for that idea.
It's a way I can get perspective on how the idea looks at a bit of a distance, condensed by the photograph.

This dea began a long time ago when I saw some one else developing a quilt with triangles and I thought it looked like fun.
I made several starts & abandoned it several times.
...maybe I can't do this?...

And then, one day, going through stuff I came upon those beginnings.
It's time to try again, I said.
This idea still intrigues me.

Gradually I was learning how to make those apex points!!

So I settled on The Key of Green, and plowed ahead.

So some things needed to be decided: am I going to 'allow' sideways triangles or inverted [point down] ones?
I play around with that idea.

At this point I have settled on layout. And machine quilting begins.
Machine quilting is not my comfortable zone. I regretted the thread & may start over. I found the quilting lines too intrusive!!

partly quilted

fully quilted

And then, up on a wall....

One of the things that really interests me are the rectangles of density created by color choices. Look lower right & there's one there.
I'm using flash and there are all kinds of problems with it!
What? Another learning zone?

That's it for now.
I guess I'm calling it Triangles in the Key of Green.

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