Sunday, May 19, 2013

Textile work -- Improv with Nancy Crow

I just finished a 5 day course with Nancy.
It was intense.
We work hard and as quickly as possible & have to shut out
[alas!!] the beautiful beckonings of her hundred acre farm.

Fortunately we were super-well cooked-for.
Our group was replete with interesting women from all over. 
It was a rich week.

We started by making configurations with the black lines.

That was mine in process. Then..

We did the same for two contrasting colors. 
This was the first composition. 
The beginning of the second composition is below.
It was supposed to be busy.

 All over the room you would here Nancy saying, "Not Busy Enough", so I made special letters sitting in judgement of my work: NBE.

STILL not busy enough!!  I had to start over with a smaller amount of fabric. I resisted really doing this exercise because the feel of my work was lumpy with seams & seams on seams.

That's it for now. The Big Project next entry.

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  1. I would like to see that photo of you in next year's calendar!
    (you look great, and I like the ironic commentary on both quilt and woman)