Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Textile work -- Class with Nancy Crow part 2

This was my workspace.

A large table with the sewing machine at one end facing the work wall 
and a long cutting board.

 We made a sketch in black&white and once we had an arrangement we liked we were to sew the sketch into a surface cloth.

I experimented and then settled down to serious piecing.

 Try though I might, it was way more complex than I wanted, but I carried on.

I abstracted the image above, with new rules about adding gray to the mix.

[Mistaken post video below. Couldn't delete!]

Then into color with new rules. I opted to dispense with many of the horizontal lines & focus on shapes.
Off I go. It feels like a plunge!
Inwardly I am resisting going so big.

Now starts the piecing!! I know the curves will complicate things.

The sewing job is really hard here, but I have learned a lot about working this way with this process. I am constantly having to evaluate & maybe revise my color choices. This is as far as I got before I rolled it all up with the batting to continue working in Vancouver where I left off. I have plans for revisions. It'll be a long process to complete it.

I am just amazed at my dreams in the 5 following nights. ALL about this work!! And several nights after that as well. It's as thought I my subconscious were on a new groove entirely. Last night my dream was about two very sophisticated outfits for me with smashing colors in greys, blacks & reds, & another in white, black & turquoise.

That's it for now.

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