Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exploring the Southwest quadrant of BC

... a little!

BC is so huge.

George & I left July 10th & spent our first night in Lillooet, which we both now know how to spell!
We tried to find an unpaved road out of D'Arcy, but the map showed one, we didn't see it.

But D'Arcy was interesting.

Some of it was poignant.

This is a fishing camp close to the Fraser River. The osprey nest was on the old bridge across the river.

Our next stop was 100 Mile House where in this gallery I found an 83 year old knitter. I love her colors!
I then moved into the key of green.
The green fields on our trip on the Pavilion road to Clinton & from there to Riske Creek were to die for.

Well, you get the idea, though I never got tired of it!

 The Pavilion road was sumptuous. And the number of Hydro lines amazing, reminding us of Quebec & Ontario on our cross-country trip in 2005.

There was an awesome 2nd hand place in Clinton! In my zone.

This set was in mint condition asking $1700. Art Deco perfection.

I am finally with time & internet to do this.
That's it for now.

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