Friday, July 26, 2013

On to Bella Coola

We left Riske Creek, crossed Becher Prairie for a 2nd time and Farwell Canyon again & up the other side of the Fraser River & over to the beginnings of the Chilchotin [k=ch & long o] River.
And so across a layer upon layer of volcanic rock forming a high plateau. Much of that was on very dusty roads, much unpaved.

This is the first of two great rocks, glacial left-behinds.

Alternating forest fire regrowth & gorgeous kettles.

 We stopped for gas here. I can't remember where it was, but knowing where the gas stations are crossing this section of land was a big deal. It is really remote.

There was a turning in the road where our marker for the turn was a single lone phone box at a T junction!

More fire scarred land & total lushness between.

 We stopped for lunch on a single roadside picnic place next to Tatla Lake, another kettle lake.
Imagine my surprise seeing this wire cube in the grass!

Such a beautiful setting. We had wine, cheese, crackers & Italian salami!
On to Alexis Creek & gas.

 George asked if the woman serving us was Grandma. He was told    she had fired Grandma!
This was our first bear. Wounded back, limping, & poor fur.

From there we, George driving, descended The Hill.
It was built years ago by First Nations People up on the Chilchotin Plateau above & the Bella Coola valley First Nations People below.
Much of this road is at 15% or so grade & was finally taken over by the highway system, though they won't sign off on the engineering.
The whole time we were in an avalanche zone.
I should have taken pictures of the road, but I didn't think of it.

And finally in the valley below looking up.
That's it for now.

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