Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2500 miles, 15 days, & a multi-million trees

In Praise of Trees

George & I got back a few days ago from the journey that took us as far as San Louis Obispo [Louis, became a young bishop, died at the age of 24, & was later sainted].

We stayed with friends, relatives, & a few motels. It was a trip like lovely beads -- jewels of experience-- on the necklace of road travel.

It's the trees that really caught my attention for two reasons: since the leafing out is immanent the silhouettes are sublime to my eye. Also the early flowers that come before leaves give some trees a subtle tinge & a sense of density that they don't have in winter.

I want to share my best trees! I decided I wouldn't interrupt the looking with the naming of known trees. These first 3 are from Washington State.

.... on into Oregon....

California next...

Oh, my, those redwoods!!

& still in California....

....and on the way back home....

And finally, a glass of wine & delicious meal at the Oyster Creek Inn in Bellingham.

Thanks to Sabina for her giving me courage to do drive-by-shooting with my camera. Many of these were cropped to remove car blurs or windshield reflections.

That's it for now.

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  1. Beautiful shots of trees,Daphne, I can see textile imagery coming from these!