Sunday, March 31, 2013

Everything Else

What I want to share is the varied collection of photos -- stuff outside the mainstream of my photographic thoughts while I was on the road for 2 weeks.

So here goes.
There were nearly 3 miles of sidelined train cars, south of Olympia. Some have graffiti, some not. They've been there for years.

Taken walking across the 5th Avenue Bridge in Olympia early morning.

A detail of Tori & Nelson's tribal rug. This looks like a delicious design mistake on the weaver's part, which I love.
Tori Bryer was a student at Putney with me. She has settled in Portland & I reconnected with her. This was my favorite print of hers. The 3 photos below were of her studio. YUM!!

At Ian Trivett's I fell in love with his cobwebs.

At Hugh & Ingrid's the whale vertebra I coveted!
I took quite a few pictures of bridge decks.
I loved the distorted clock face.
This is an American Bittern. It's a rare bird to see because they are very reclusive. Not this time. We were able to be pretty up close. You can see why this bird is so easily camouflaged in reeds. This was only the 2nd time I've ever seen it.

I loved the splaying fencepost.

These  next 3 are from an artist's home in Sonoma County. These face-forms-from-metal-scraps were all over the property.

This is my sister, Annie, in her garden. She is processing compost.

Both talking at once!! Hmmmm.....

A box in Annie's garden. There were many of them with collections in each.... the glove bin. Annie told me she has trouble throwing things away. My eyes got bright because I love helping people throw things away!
Best bridge shot.
Container hoisters in Oakland. They look like horses to me.
          Alameda house. I just adore these leafy embellishments.
 Naomi, my cousin Ruth's daughter. She showed us around Alameda great houses close to her....
   this one.

That's enough & that's the best of the trip & so that's it for now!

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  1. The photo of you and Annie together is priceless! I want a real copy, please.