Thursday, March 28, 2013

Textile work -- Revisiting Old Work

As I went to visit friends & relatives, I would find my work hung in their homes.

This always is a bit of a jolt to me.
I have to reconsider if I still think the work worthy! in worthy of still being up.

So I thought I'd share these glimpses of my past work in order that they reappeared to me.

At Ian Trivett's home.....

These first two are collages onto personally-worn-blue-jean-personally-made-paper. The cut images are from art magazines. I had forgotten all about them.  The themes, as I was getting ready to title them, were scientific/mathematical.

Time & Space Revisited

Other Kinds of Measures

This quilt I gave to Ian for the birth of his first child Hayley. I put a poem around the border. I need to get that poem again, as I am about to give another baby quilt to my neighbors. I'll print it around the edge.

This is the baby-quilt-in-waiting.... well, most of it. Wrong lens again!!

I took that burl, that John Trivett found, & took a burr to it & hollowed it out. For many years this bowl held the wonderful driftwood I collected on Long Beach on the edge of Vancouver Island. My 3 girls teethed on these salt-laden driftwood pieces. When John & I separated I gave the bowl to Ian, my eldest step son. I still like it. I still want to make it thinner!! Too funny!

NO, I didn't do this, nor do I own it, except in my heart.  Under each rhomboid patch is a piece of paper. These patches were whip-stitched together. [You don't need to know what this is!] This is the classic pattern called Baby's Blocks or Tumbling Blocks.  I saw this wonderful old piece-in-progress in Tori Bryer's studio, &, I might add, coveted it!!

On to my sister's house in Mill Valley.
I gave Annie 3 quilts & when I photographed them again I didn't go & get my better lens. Bad, bad.
The earliest quilt I gave her I forgot to photograph.

This is yet another Mandala from my early quilt-making years. With beads and sequins. I called it...
... I can't remember, so I had to look it up: Byzantine Summer Fantasy.

This one below I have somewhat photographically melded together. It's called Australian Motif. The dots were made with the end of a chopstick into acrylic paint! I've thought about doing more like this, but it's in the zone of cultural appropriation... not so great a zone! So I never have. I still am fascinated by this art--even the modern stuff.

This one I tried to photo in its new home, but they didn't 'take'. This quilt is called Separation. This is in Naomi Wortis's home. Actually she has another quilt of mine & so does her daughter, Yvonne. I don't have them in my iPhotos, so I can't share them.

This is upholstery actually on a couch in a motel the next-to-last-day. I am mad for triangles. 
I love the thinner & thicker sawtooth columns!

I have other examples to show you of my triangle work. This one's very sawtoothy.

This I made in 1998. It's called Red Triangle Quilt, and it hangs in my downstairs bathroom. I want to do more in the triangle zone.
Here's a very recent one.

You can probably see the cousinhood to the one above.
Then there is this one that I shared before.

...and this one that I haven't shared... I made this one in Maui.

...& this one in Maui too in the same period...

& this is my favorite Maui triangle quilt.

And here for the finale: this was done in 2010. It has one Very Important Triangle!

That's all for now.

I had NO idea were this revisiting chapter would take me, but I love how it fetched up in triangle fascination.

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