Sunday, February 21, 2016

Neighborhood in Change (cont.)

Since the Telling Stories show closed in December much has changed in my neighborhood. The Vancouver House project progresses busily & rapidly.

Most of the excavation of the pit is done, & now the pit is filling with the actual construction.

But first, some stories revealed & captured... looking down...
....a pop-up temporary home lasting 6 weeks or so....

...a lone singer with a mike under the bridge with no audience...

..someone had gotten into the vacant gas station & rearranged the hoses...why?
The fence had been forced open. I still want to know what that sign that is face down says!
In the pit appeared a platform & the first section of the site crane.
This staircase is under constant revision. There are flights all over the site. Later the metal one was dismantled.
Sanitation & drainage is a big issue, so many pumps & pools. 

These first 3 shots are of the south end of the pit.
 The amount of rebar gets denser
as time goes by. Shaping is happening too. I am amazed by how 'they' know what they are going & how it is all engineered in advance.

This is an important detail of the bottom of the sewer system they are installing. This is the not-the-exit spot!

I haven't figured out why they are drilling down here.

Now at the north end of the pit...
I can see the new crane from my house. I have a clearer idea about what part of my 'view' will be blocked by Vancouver House.
There is a hut of wood being built near the crane. I'm pretty sure now concrete will form a room for what...(I might never know!)
A north end trough is being readied for concrete.
The last of the boulders are broken up & removed.
Upright rebar pillars appear.
 Notice the rectangular excavations. There are actually several buildings growing out of the pit. I haven't yet figured out where the 'podium' or 'amenity' buildings are going. Here are some more of those excavations.
The new crane is essential now for hauling in the rebar.
The site is whizzing. Every day I want to get out there & see new developments. I'm afraid I'm going to miss some drama!
Moving the rebar, several loads a day. I loved seeing that one of the rebar drivers looked like a perfect Rip van Winkle. 

There are also shipments of platforms=flatforms for concrete walling. (Plat in french = flat in english!)

New sewage or water tanks appear on Granville Street.

I close with some rough edges. Looking down from the bridge...
a discarded sign from the project.
 before, at Gate 1 sign, & after...

...trash around a bridge pillar...
...and from the street of my favorite graffitis--splat!
...before & after & still around after months....

And finally...

BUSSES: the St George's School bus presence on Granville Street was unusual, but these other two I see often. One person suggested to me they were being lived in by surveillance people. I have no idea if that's true.

That's it for now.

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