Sunday, February 21, 2016

Home Again, YVR +++ 2012

George & I have this joke, on-going, about turning another corner, starting a new chapter. We have had, as many couples do, many of those epic [well, to us] landmarks.

Well, this trip to New Mexico had been in the works for a long time wanting.
We had been there last together in 2004, February when we were a brand new couple. We went to ABQQ, Santa Fe, Taos & San Cristobal, just as we did this time.

We retraced outr steps, but this time I had a big sense of actually seeing way more. That was wonderful.

New Mexico advertises itself as The Land of Enchantment. It's true. I was really struck with the esthetics of the place. So here goes. My favorite place images from the New Mexico 8 days. OH MY!!

You have to understand that this morning we ate out granola & milk in the patio of Los Poblanos @ 5:45 with moonlight caught in the big trees nearby. Trees fed by the Rio Grande waters very nearby. There was so much romance to the images. All.

 oh, light & shadow, everywhere!

 this was really amazing

  a place that specialized

 in old gas pumps!!!

 clouds to die for

 & textures or all kinds......

Here's another visual batch that I adore....



 land formations

 sudden expanses



What a wonderful trip! I'm glad to be home, but also glad to have been there. I know I'll have to go back. Because really how can you ever get enough of this, or this or this or that!!!!

and       finally     you have to see     the pictures of us



I'd go again in a flash!!
That's it for then.

Doing New Things 2011

I read a book recently called The Happiness Project. It's written by Gretchen Rubin. One of the things she tried, during her year of trying various ways of making herself feel happier, was starting a blog about her project. This was a useful things to do because people who responded to her blog gave her new ideas and content for her book.

So I am on my new venture here and yesterday I went into design, settings, stats & god knows what else. Suddenly I was in way over my head with too much fine print, too many choices involving words I don't necessarily understand. I realize I would like my blog stuff to evolve, and I have to figure out ways of biting off manageable chunks.

I find that dealing with eBay & Skype is hugely stressful for me, because they constantly give you scenarios of troubles that you are supposed to approximate & that choice leads you to another similiar which might be even more remote from your trouble. So it's like a very bad sequence on a fractile. And there is NO one to talk with. They are just too big to deign to do that.

The Sugar Mill 2013?

Yesterday Sal & Jobst took us to an old free library, the original library on Maui. It's no longer free: a book cost $.25. No membership cards.

The road to this place took me on roads around the sugar mill I had never been on.

Raw sugar roads, raw Maui roads.
Maui, as most people who visit here don't see & don't want to.
But I was riveted & asked George to drive the car while I hopped out when I wanted to take photos.

There's something terribly poignant for me about what we saw on this outing. The sugar mill is thriving, but its detritus is sad. All that waste!

So here's a sampling.

Many trucks are red. These trucks are, I thought, functional. Since everything is Maui-dust-red-brown, any color really stands out.

This #5 box is an excellent example of that. The truck behind it is covered with dirt/earth.

I love corrigation & a great dusty sign.

This shot has all the colors of an alley in Italy, but no, no, no, not even close in mood!

What happens to these machines? Where will they go? What were they used for?

After the fact I saw the francolin in the foreground. I didn't even notice her earlier.
 This is a good body of the mill. Lots of fresh air in it! Lots of dirt on it!
The next four are abandoned machines.

Boxes, numbers & randomness next!!

I love weathered corrugated boxes. Maybe it's the quilty texture of the surfaces.

 A little island on which are chunks of wood. WHY?

More Machinery.....

The Sugar Mill on Maui is closing. This is all history now, more than ever. When I wrote this blog I didn't post it. NOW I will. I am in a cleaning-my-plate mood.

That's it for then!!


For a few days (in 2011) I was trying to find my way around blogger maze.
Got frustrated.
Asked for help.
Then found a way around the block.
Then erased everything by mistake.
[Gotta learn NOT to do that!]

So today 5 years later, just let it go!!!

So I have been thinking of doing something about The Basics: color, shape, line, texture... and decided that MULTIPLES was it.

The paper rack shows a multiple of multiples!

 I love these guys found in boat yards. They are used for holding boats out of water.

These flower kettles follow the theme&variation kind of multiple. Ah yes, these are like my eggbeater collection where each is different. This kind of multiple is more engaging visually, for me.

This is a good example!

Multiples!! in variation. These are from a circle series I did one year in Maui. They are done with raw edge applique.

For quilts like these I have a variation rules: red,black,white; dots&stripes; erratic concentricity; use the red-circle-offcuts to space-fill & add more body.