Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Day in NYC

It hasn't been scorching hot here, thank goodness. I had worried about that in advance.
Today Marcia, Jim & I will go to the Julia Richmond Public School quite close to Rockfeller University where Meridee works as the Chief Occupational Nurse. She give doctors and lab technicians their shots, helps them prepare for travel in foreign lands with foreign diseases, deals with concerns for whether the lab monkeys might get infected by someone with latent TB, accidents in the facility, etc.
It's a fascinating job with brilliant people all around and she's not retiring yet. Still having too much fun.

 Her eyes were dilated that day, hence glasses.

It has been great staying with her in NYC and renewing our friendship. Our grandmothers were friends. I once sent her a picture of that! Joan Cannady Countryman was Meridee's suite mate for 4 Sarah Lawrence College years. Joan & I both took 4 years of math with Ed Cogan.

Marcia Moeller Tendick was my roommate sophomore year. She and her husband Jim are also staying at Meridee's.

That's all for now. I'm discouraged with bloodspot today.   Good bye from close to Times Square Yesterday.                      

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